VMworld Community Tweetup and #vFlipcup Tournament

— Monday, August 26, 2013 at 7:30PM —

Mr. Smith's

34 7th Street




Please sign up for this year's unofficial Official Community Tweetup and #vFlipcup tournament

 - Check out the venue

Get ready to flip and drink for team dominance in round two of the most social event of VMworld! Last year the VMware Interns won it -- but can you take back the bragging rights from the college kids? Our unofficial Official Community Tweetup once again brings back the vFlipcup Tournament to Monday night at VMworld. We're expecting another epic night. Join in on the fun and compete if you want. Either way, get involved! 

Check out John Troyer's blog post detailing the event last year. Team entry fees are $500 and all excess proceeds once we cover costs will go to charity. The vFlipcup Tournament portion of our event is sponsored by Actifio -- stay tuned for the rest of our Gold Sponsors who help support the VMware Community!

The booze is optional but bringing your trash-talking game face is mandatory! We'll see you there!