Summer's Eve 2012

— Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 6PM —





The last weekend in Spring, aka Summer's Eve. Everyone must come dressed like a douche bag (or female equivalent). Popped collars, visors, gold chains, sunglasses at night, Axe body spray, fauxhawk, MOTHERFUCKING BLUETOOTH HEADSETS, sandals with socks, Nickelback, tramp stamps, shiny shirts, backwards hat, sweat pants with the writing on the ass, hair gel, blonde highlights, spray tan, hoop earrings, tribal armband tattoos, boots with the fur... you get the idea. Somebody better come dressed as pregnant Snooki.

Let's all compare Klout scores!

There will be no "bro rape" going on. So don't even think about bringing your Nintendo GameCube or a backpack full of black dildos.