Stripey & Honeybell's Shower/Stag Pawties

— Friday, August 6, 2010 at 4PM —

Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

845 Hornby Street




***PLS NOTE TIME FOR SHOWER/STAG August 6, from 4pm-9pm EDT*** Stripey & Honeybell ( @ThatStripeyCat @Wildboutbirds ) are getting married on September 2nd, and Cammie; @HerGraceTheCat and @PetietheCat are giving them a shower and stag pawty organized by @HollieCatRocks & @SamTheCatRocks ~Ladies are invited to get complimentary massages & pedicures in the spa, while the men pawty in the Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge! Mens events will include pool playing, cigar smoking, drinking and maybe some other noty stag events. @Herbie_Cat has organized all the food, with a special menu for the occasion. The Shibbering Cheetos will do a very special performance between 8-9pm EDT. Here is a link to their official website! and this is their wonderful charity they do support World Society for the Protection of Animals. Here you will find more info on the amazing work this charity does! No Gifts necessary, but Virtual Gifts are welcomed! More info available on the direct links to the barktender schedule done by @GeorgeTheDuck and the DJ Music Live Entertainment schedule done by @SamTheCatRocks and @HollieCatRocks - You can find on HollieCatRocks bloggie. Time is 4pm EDT - 9pm EDT. Here is a link to the hotel: