Halloween Hayride Fair

— Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 7PM —





Dear Pals: Halloween will be here before yoo knows it. We wants to has a big Halloween Pawty fur all anipals and we hopes yoo will come! We gonna has a big Halloween Hayride Fair and der be lots of things to do. HAYRIDES BOBBING FUR APPLES RIDES FORTUNE TELLING PAINTING PUMPKINS MOOSIC NOMS Yoo can come in yoo Halloween costume or come in yoo own fur!!! ***Also, my dear pals, pwease read dis special announcement*** As you all know @Hemmingwayscat, Angel has been on Twitter for a furry long time. She is always one to help those in need. This time she needs help for her and her fambly. They are currently livings in a homeless shelter til they try to get some lower cost housings. The older childrens the shelter will not take so they had to find alternate place for them to stay. Is only the little wee ones that were allowed to remain with her. Please help us help this wonderful fambly!!! Pwease go sees da Chipin on da Bloggie! www.halloweenhayridefair.blogspot.com