Spypawty Catsablanca

— Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 2PM —





Come and help us celebrate @Tattlecat Herman's birthday at a #spypawty in 1940s Catsablanca! The pawty will be all in black/white like a Classic Black/White movie, at Herman's Cafe in Catsablanca!

Check out the pawty blog http://www.spypawty2.blogspot.com/

If you need help with your avi, contact @PuppyNumber7, @Tattlecat, or @Tweetingtruman. Look on the pawty blog for some design options that we've selected. Of course you can create your own too! We would love for all the avis to be in black/white! If you've made your own avi and don't know how to decolorize it, just ask @tweetingtruman to do it for you!

The pawty will be on Saturday, February 2, from 2-6 pm EST. See you there!

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