Baboon Pawty

— Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 12PM —






@Kolo_Martin has been spreading baboon love by sending baboons all over the world to lots of his twitter pals. Let's get all the baboons and their new housemates together for a pawty to thank Kolo for his wonderful work and to celebrate! Everyone's invited, even if you don't have a baboon.

We'll pawty in Tanzania beside a beautiful lake. @cheshireK has found us wonderful accomodations for the day. (Pictures here: ) @flicka47 has offered to cater. You all know how good the food is at the cookie cafe, so we have something special to look forward to. There will also be barktenders serving outstanding drinks and noms and DJs providing pawsome music to pawty to.

Pawty is hosted by @BorisKitty, @cheshireK, @flicka47, and @pumpkinpuddy