Valentine's Ball for Spooky's Mom

— Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 5PM —

The Magical Ballroom

42nd Street




STOP PRESS - We are proud to announce our very first RSVP sponsor - @PetsAreFound who will donate $1 per rsvp/attendee up to a value of $50.  Please thank them by following them on Twitter and Facebook UPDATE 13th February - if all of our RSVP-ers 'follow' @PetsareFound on Twitter they will double their sponsorship - so get over there guys, these are nice people.

Romance is in the air! Glamour abounds, gowns and jewellery shimmer, black evening suits look pristine! The pawparazzi waits for the arrival of the anipals with the mostest as they enter The Magical Ballroom for the Grande Valentine's Day Ball.

Our 6 hour pawty will be a celebration of Romance, Love, Happiness and Joy amongst anipals and their friends. We also celebrate the love and life brought to us all by Shorty and Lillian. We will pawty with Joy and celebrate those we Love.

Guests are invited to approach Thomas @PuppyNumber7 to be dressed from his extensive range of evening gowns and dinner suits. Please don't leave your request too late the wardrobe sewing machines can only run at magical speed for a limited period!

We are helping friend Lillian by lifting some of the worry and weight of vet bills left after her 2.5 year fight to keep Shorty with us sadly ended with his passing on Thanksgiving.

A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER will be at the Ball and offering to take pictures of happy couples ... just ask Thomas to put your name on the list.

We will be serving a small but delicious menu, hand created by Chef Monseur Puppy Le Sept. Duchess @Claudiab53 is helping with PR and Aunty Marjorie @Whskr is recruiting for staff and prizes.

TIME ZONES - Saturday 16 February
USA: PST 2-8pm / CST 4-10pm / EST 5-11pm
UK: 10pm - 4am
CET: 11pm - 5am
Sunday 17 February
QLD: 8am - 2pm
ADT: 9am - 3pm
NZ: 11am - 5pm