Social Media and the Media

— Monday, November 8, 2010 at 6PM —

Betty's Bar

Blair Street




This month at SMC we have the one and only Greer McDonald speaking. Greer is the Social Media editor for, journalist, columnist and prolific tweeter. She also blogs for @NZStuff under 'lady in the red'. Added to her knowledge and experience in Social Media, she's actually really funny too. Bring your friends. She's going to be speaking around how the Media in general use social media. What are the rules for media professionals on using our facebook pictures, tweets and do they have to credit the pic i posted up from my phone? It can be a blurry line... Greer will bring some good insights no doubt. This month we are at the new sweet venue of Betty's Bar on Blair Street. There will be free food and drinks specials. Where else would you rather be?