— Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 8:30PM —


81 Memorial Drive





SIX ONE SEVEN Friday June 17th *617* 8:30PM til Midnight Generations 81 Memorial Drive Avon, MA (less than 15mins from Boston) * Tickets are available at METRO PCS in MATTAPAN SQ 1656 Blue Hill Ave, Boston How can you support this movement? A start is simply attend or give a donation. Your attendance or donation will be recognized and greatly appreciated. If you cannot afford a ticket contact us for a FREE ticket 617.600.8642 Attention: ENTREPRENEURS, ARTISTS & COMMUNITY "In short... All the people who MAKE BOSTON/MASSACHUSETTS what it is. At minimum we should have our own day, do you disagree? Let's ride together and FINALLY MAKE SOMETHING OF THE SCENE WE SO OFTEN COMPLAIN ABOUT - ENTREPRENEURS PATRONS TOGETHER! *LIVE ENTERTAINMENT / "OUR" CELEBRITY GUESTS / *COMMUNITY THAT MATTERS ** Contact us for information and how you can be involved. Thank you. Text/Call 617.600.8642 On behalf of the Mass Industry Committee, you are formally invited to attend the inaugural Six One Seven “Our Celebrity” Ceremonial Dinner. The purpose of this event is to show our appreciation for the artists, entrepreneurs and community helping to build and maintain the entertainment scene in Boston and the surrounding areas. The intent of this ceremonial dinner is to recognize the date of June 17th ("617") on an annual basis by continually holding events like this in appreciation of people like you- those who continue to support us all in our mission to promote the positive happenings in the Boston entertainment scene. This night of entertainment is also guaranteed to be one of appreciation and recognition of some of our invited special guests. In addition, the Mass Industry Committee will also give special thanks to a chosen few by providing them with individual awards. This is an all age event, but we do request that children under the age of 5 not attend. We ask that our guests continue to represent themselves properly; many of our newer guests continually comment on the professionalism displayed by our supporters. The dress code is semi-formal. This is a "ticket only" event, so please RSVP as soon as possible. Please call or text 617-600-8642 with any inquiries. Updated information will be posted via our web network and on * Entrepreneurs, artists & V.I.P.s contact us for special tickets * Limited ticket sales to public $40 Thank you "Interested in sponsoring or advertised at this event? We made it simple..." *Each sponsorship comes with advertising during the event, visibly placed on tables, and via media post event. Table reservations are limited. 1) $250 comes with 2 tickets 2) $400 comes with 8 tickets & reserved table, seats 8