Official Wellingtonista Unofficial Webstock Wednesday Warmup

— Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 5:30PM —

Fork and Brewer

Bond Street




Once again, we’ll be at the Fork and Brewer, upstairs in Bond Street, from 5.30pm on Wednesday February 13. Spot us by our Webstock satchels, Instagramming and warm, welcoming smiles (and also by the handy sign - we'll be to the left at the top of the stairs). If you are into that sort of thing, we're calling it #4wwww (for Wellingtonista Webstock Wednesday Warmup, and also cos it's the fourth year in a row).

This is an excellent time to catch up with the people you only see once a year or so, talk tech, drink beer (or whatever else you fancy), flirt, find new friends to sit with during the conference, put faces to Twitter handles and just generally have a good time. Even if you're not going to Webstock, you're very welcome, but be warned, you may feel very jealous.

(This isn’t an official Webstock event, but they do like us, promise! And it's been going for long enough that it's pretty much part of the official calendar)