21st Century Dodos book launch

— Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 7:30PM —

Belgravia Books

59 Ebury Street, SW1




Come and join Scott Pack (@meandmybigmouth) to help celebrate the launch of 21st Century Dodos. His new book, written under the pen-name Steve Stack (it's a long story!) is a collection of endangered objects, short eulogies to many of the cultural icons that are on the verge of extinction. Raise a toast in memory of rotary dial telephones, Spangles and white dog poo. Reminisce about the days when Trimphones were seen as cutting edge, when laserdiscs were the future and teletext was the most up-to-date news service on the planet. Argue about all the stuff he should have put in the book but ran out of time to write about. Instead of reading from the book himself, Scott is hoping that some of you will volunteer to read sections aloud, just for a bit of a laugh. Entry is free but if you wanted to bring a cake along no one is going to stop you Books will be on sale on the night in this wonderful new bookshop close to Victoria station. Do come along if you can.